Living near the California coastline, I spent the last 20+ years teaching art, creating large murals and painting commission art pieces. For the past several years, I’ve been drawn to painting ocean creatures and seascapes, and I’ve also been developing a process combining acrylic pours with representational art. I love the fluidity of paint and how color and texture can be balanced with light

Enter the pandemic. As an extrovert, Covid isolation was difficult for me, but it gave me the time and space to explore and develop this new process, and create ocean life fusing traditional and non-traditional painting methods.  My work ‘Coming Up for Air’ symbolizes how I felt—emerging from the depths of isolation to create and paint.  

I’m in awe of the vastness of the ocean and the intricate details, brilliant colors and diversity of life out-of-sight and hidden below the surface. I’m humbled by this opportunity to paint and reimagine God’s handiwork. My hope is that my viewers will be drawn in by each image’s detail, texture, color and use of light, be calmed by the tranquility of the ocean, and emerge peaceful and refreshed.


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